So Lazy

I've been quite lazy recently when its come to updating my blog, I'm blaming exams, and the fact that my laptop blew up. Anyway, this has been quite a good paddling season in Scotland so far, there has been some really wet weekends, although typically the rain pelts down on a Sunday night and so the rivers are swollen during the week when I'm at uni, and everyone else is at work. But if you try hard enough you can often find like minded people that have skipped lectures or called in sick.

Sometimes you can't find a lift, or have classes that just can't be missed, that's when living in walking distance from your local play spot comes in handy. I had forgotten how much I enjoy playboating, I don't get the chance that often in Scotland, and to be honest, I'm not all that good. But I find chilling out next to the wave for the day really relaxing and quite soulful.

I'll admit the Kelvin stinks, its not very healthy to paddle and that I would prefer to be out creeking, but its a giggle all the same, the first wave is a little bit fast and so you are limited to spins and maybe the odd blunt, but you fall on to the second wave which has much more potential.

This is a guy we met on the river, after this session he became very ill, Leptospirosis apparently... now I remember why I haven't paddled the Kelvin in ages.

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